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Back in December, Tumblr said it was banning "adult content" from its platform in order to make "a better, more positive" place.

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But the policy change caused some users to abandon the site. The new policy went into effect December 17and resulted in the deletion of any content ass bukkake "real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples," Tumblr, a Verizon-owned company, said in its announcement.


Reaction to Tumblr's announcement was swift and critical across social media. More thanpeople have signed tumblr Change. Dozens of new Twitter accounts popped up from former Tumblr users who said they were switching social media sites as a result of the new policy.

These 4 sites have emerged as alternatives for Tumblr users after the company banned NSFW images

But while Twitter is mainly a platform for short text blurbs and sharing links, Tumblr emphasizes blogging with a mix of images, videos, GIFs, and creative writing. Other blogging platforms reported seeing an influx of new users since Tumblr self naked sex its policy change. Here are some alternatives to Tumblr emerging in light of the ban on adult content: While the design of Adult may be old-school it's been around sincethe site prides itself on being wholly independent where it allows "everything for everyone.

Unfortunately, Pillowfort is naked beta and costs a small fee to join, but you can try out the platform as a demo tumblr on Pillowfort's website. You may have issues accessing it though — I naked an error message when I tried to set up my trial because of the unusually "high amount of traffic" the site is getting. Dreamwidth is a free platform for "creative folk" who want to share adult and creative writing.

Welcome aboard!

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Mastodon is a decentralized social platform, meaning that its thousands individual communities exist on separate servers, but they all exist under one network.