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SRHR encompass the right of all individuals to make decisions concerning their sexual activity and reproduction free from discrimination, coercion, and action [1].

Unfortunately, this is not always the case in many countries in the African region. The ESA region alone is home to an estimated million young people [2]and for many of them poverty, unemployment, lack of access to educational and training opportunities, and health services, are barriers to realising their full sex. Access to SRHR information and services is limited and does not reflect the needs and circumstances of many young people. It supports knowledge exchange, skills sharing, access to resources and joint action to ensure SRHR for all.


The aim is to forge and deepen strategic action with relevant national and regional Civil Society Organisations CSOs in line with the African Union theme of harnessing the potential of a demographic dividend presented by a growing population of active, energetic youth. The forum provides an important opportunity for CSOs to learn from each other by sharing experiences, ideas and tools for breaking down the barriers to SRHR.


It aims to foster intergenerational dialogue to ensure more relevant responses to diverse and changing contexts. It puts activitists in touch with movement, trainers, researchers anf funding agencies.

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The forum will be held from the 10 th — 12 th of December in Johannesburg, South Africa. If you are aged 18 — 35 years from any of the ESA countries, and working on any of the issues listed below, we invite to you to amy brenneman xxx an application to showcase lessons from your work.

Successful applicants will receive bursaries to cover the costs of travelling to and participating in the forum, and assistance with preparing their presentations. In the interest of ensuring a uniquely engaging, interactive and innovative series of activities, we encourage the use of a variety of media to present your work, such as music, drama, photography and art etc. Follow this movement to participate in the forum. The Eastern and Southern African Ministerial Commitment on comprehensive sexuality education and sexual and sluty sexy schoolgirl health services for adolescents sex young people.