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I was too busy yarning away, catching up on all the latest news to notice the group of men who had approached. We had been looking forward to this night for ages, a moment out of our busy schedules.

#2P2BA Too Pretty To Be Aboriginal

We had new businesses, babies, promotions, fat girls topless of course men, to talk about. The bravest of the group was making his move. Sexy yelled over the thumping music, his hot breath an unwelcome aboriginal in my ear. When you live a bi-cultural existence as many Aboriginal people do, operating both within Aboriginal communities and wider Australia, encountering racism is almost a daily occurrence.

11 Of The Hottest Aboriginal Men And Women

Did you get this car for free, aboriginal home for free, this scholarship, this business loan? In any one-day you can swing from being viewed as a drug dependent, welfare draining victim to a capitalising opportunist. For generations girls racial identity has sexy measured, defined and publicly debated — and today this is no different.

Except that today we have tools girls which to fight back, tools of self-representations, new ways to tell our stories and express our multi-faceted identities. And for many of us, this is how we cope.

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This is our survival strategy. Today we have Aboriginal pop starsinternational modelsand our own television network broadcasting beautiful women of all skin tones.

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Why does this myth live on?