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You can then upload your static content to this container for hosting. Your content will be available through a web endpoint i.

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If you prefer a guided experience, follow the tutorial series on hosting your website on Azure Storage and configuring a custom domain with an SSL certificate. One scenario where you might use static website hosting is to build a website to interact with your data in Azure Storage.

The example uses anonymous authentication to interact with Azure Blob storage, but you can also use Azure AD authentication to restrict access to your data. Get the sample on GitHuband try the demo.

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A common use is building a serverless application in the cloud and creating a front end for it using a static website. There are no additional charges for enabling static websites on Azure Storage. The pricing for storing and accessing your data will apply and can be viewed on the pricing page. Furthermore you can profit from the Swiss neutralityfinancial security and high Swiss standards.

Hosting your Secure Storage Server within our Europe-based datacenter can be a very valuable asset to your firm. In case of an emergency your data is safely stored within our facility.

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We offer maximum storage and server capacities for your Online Backup. Our Secure Data Storage solution is often used for the following:. Please contact our Sales team for a quote. Our company guarantees it to you, our servers annual availability is even Every clients information is important to us, so copies of video data is transferred and stored in our servers.

If your computer accidentally brakes down, you can view saved data at any time, just by connecting to our virtual server. If an accident happens in the area where recording takes place, no one can steal your files with hard drive, because it is not stored in the same place.

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After the accident, the client can access to the account and get the all video data stored in the server. Cameras have advanced features. Все права защищены. Хостинг для вебсайтовСервераДоменыРегистрация доменов.

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