What is difference between shared hosting and vps

You have what you pay for. Finally, there are dedicated server.

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You rent the full computer and you are sure to get what you paid for. It is of course more expensive, but it is way better if you need a heavy box.

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We do sell VPS! Read more here. Technically, your computer or router, see ddwrt on google connects to an remote PC with an encrypted connection allways use openVPN, and flee pptp vpn.

Down for Maintenance

This process is totally transparent for the end user it only adds a few ms of latency and decrease your connection by very small amount due to encryption and allows you a total anonymity on internet.

Reseller Hosting Packages Reseller accounts are accounts which allow resellers to host multiple domains and clients. One who needs an independent system but needs less resource than a dedicated server VPS is the best solution with much less price tag. Dedicated Server A dedicated server is actually a physical server and the resources of the machine are not shared with anyone else. A physical server allows dedicated servers to have their hardware upgraded at anytime without any limits.

Sure, you can upgrade to any shared or reseller hosting plan at any time.

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All you need to do is Toggle navigation. How do I know what server I am on?

Shared Hosting vs Reseller Hosting Explained

How do I manage my VPS? VPS hosting accounts come with three control panels. Reformat your VPS rebuild 2. You need to ensure that yum is Howto Register Name Servers There are many registars in the world with different panels, however we have provided a Migrating Accounts to your server Most control panels have built in control panel to control panel migration tools that you can What are the advantages of a VPS?