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Mobile cloud computing benefits from the interconnection of these two areas. This approach brings many assets, but on the other hand, also the security risks and potential problems. This paper discuss security aspects of mobile cloud computing with a focus on the developed health care mobile application using cloud computation services.

Personal data about health of the person are one of the most confidential thus need to be secured against different types of threats.

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Proposed solution is based on the smartphone as a client gathering data and the cloud servers as a computational platform for data storage and analysing. Jan Security issues of the mobile application using cloud computation services are discussed in this paper.

Communication between smart phone as a client on the one side and cloud server on the other is described. Security analyse for proposed solution of the health monitoring application is introduced as well.

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Data about health of the person are one of the most confidential thus need to be secured against different types of threats. The sensors embedded in the smart phone measure data about monitored person then are partly processed and sent to the server by the internet connection for the deeper analysis. Cloud computing is a technology which is considered to be very promising and beneficial in the countries of the European Union. However, its implementation in business is not currently that noticeable, and many companies do not manage to assess and voice its contribution.

The introduction of cloud computing not only brings significant benefits but also costs and risks. The aim of this contribution is therefore to propose a topical system of criteria for assessing the effectiveness of cloud computing, which is based on the existing experience with this particular technology. Several methods are used in order to achieve this goal, namely, bibliographic search, interviews with cloud computing experts on the implementation and design of cloud computing, and a questionnaire survey among enterprises in the selected country.

Full-text available. The purpose of this study is to find the best strategy for products distribution network in terms of response time reduction. The decision making is based on the carriage capacity of the cars relative to the transportation time and cost records.

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The response time for the service delivered in the manufacturing company is not optimum and customers are always in complaint.

Thus, due to high transportation cost and long time delivery, the institutional customers of the company were also influenced by response time to get the products on time. As premises of this, transportation cost and times are the two variable used to determine the best strategy among the alternatives.

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A lot of mathematical models have been applied to do optimization on supply chain networks, but supply chain dynamics, such as uncertainty in production demand and transportation, are not present in most of them. As a result, to handle this variation, simulation can be a powerful tool. In this study, an arena simulation tool is used to analyze system performance using transportation cost and time as the performance parameters.

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In addition, based on the generated transportation time and cost, a simple mixed integer linear programing MILP was developed and Win QSB software has been used to solve and select the best network configuration Finally, the study resulted in strategy 2 has a minimum time and cost. By considering current situation this strategy is able to save the time by nearly 6.

Cloud computing in medical imaging. Over the past century technology has played a decisive role in defining, driving, and reinventing procedures, devices, and pharmaceuticals in healthcare.

Cloud computing has been introduced only recently but is already one of the major topics of discussion in research and clinical settings. Особенно радует.

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Мы начали продажу выделенных серверов как небольшая команда, а в итоге предоставляем сервис по продаже выделенных и виртуальных серверов с бесплатной поддержкой, администрированием и создание сложного ПО для наших клиентов. Toggle navigation Client Area.

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