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Diet Foods based out of Kashmiri Apples for Slimming Down


Last summer I went to my native place and I had a lot of time to spend with my grand parents. My grandmother was very much concerned over my health and felt that I am not as energetic and have a very less stamina when compared to the people of my same age group.

Hence, she thought over this repeatedly and finally decided that at least for the next few days of my stay over there she wanted me to eat at least four to five fruits everyday.

She went to the nearby super market, handpicked the good ones, and bought them for me to eat. She was also good in making various foods out of those fruits and served it to me for eating at different points of time in a day.

And in particular her concern was over one best fruit among all the other fruits she had bought and she felt that I should never stop eating it and not miss even a single day without eating it and that was nothing but the Kashmiri Apples.

In addition to that, even though she is good in cooking Apples she wanted me to buy the various food products made out of Kashmiri from diet store.

Because she felt that, the products made by them using Kashmiri Apples are the best food products in the industry, the tastes of it matched to none, and she herself believed even if she cooked it cannot match to the taste of those Kashmiri mongo food products.


July 2020