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Basic Barbecue Tips Everyone Should Know

Foodies are all excited when it comes to a Barbecue lunch at someone’s place because they are going to have some delicious barbecue grilled meat, fish, chicken and other such food varieties. Hence it becomes the duty of the host to take care of their barbecue cooking in order to ensure that the food turns out to be delicious as expected and their guests are happy and enjoy the tasty barbecue dishes.Here are few cooking, safety and other basic Barbecue tips which everyone eating or cooking a barbecue dish should know.
The first one is to know the difference between a well cooked and under cooked meat, a well cooked meat has no pink and juices are clear, whereas an under cooked meat will be hard to chew, if you cut inside some pink would be still visible and this would still contain few germs and is unhealthy to eat.
Use char coals instead of gas and keep the meat turned every now and then to ensure all parts and sides of the meat gets to absorb smoke. Keep periodically replacing charcoals and for safety cook in open air and have waters nearby for safety to put off the coal.
For better taste use salt sparingly initially and latter add as you want, however use barbecue sauce very sparingly, though it will make the meat look red and attractive, it will spoil the taste of the meat.

July 2020