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May be a dumb question, but if you wanted to run multiple servers for the different maps, would you just put them all in their own directory and use different ports? Aristodikos 30 июн. Hello guys, i figuered out how to setup a server and i hosted one and play with a friend all the day yesterday but in graphical mode not running the.

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The problem is that after restart, the world had gone!!! I searcehd on google about editing the bat file in order to auto save but it was a bit complicated. Nemesismax 16 июн. Anyone who got atmosphere problem "NAN" on server: У кого глюк с атмосферой "NAN" на выделенном сервере, чтобы поченить нужно: Может кому поможет. Medicdude 3 мая. I now see the port info, thank you, I may have missed it earlier! Hello, Could you add to your guide what ports are used by Stationeers and what is the average RAM usage?

Thank you.

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Matjam, thanks for sharing. Available here: Hope it helps people! Поделиться в Steam. Для этого вам нужно войти в систему или создать аккаунт. The patch has been applied - server is back online.

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Properties, then Betas. Steam will download the beta for you.

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The reason this Beta State. We will also add or remove features like "clan servers " or "commands Public Beta Test. How to Participate? Click on the game in steam library with Server update 1. As pointed out in the forum, it was a Подарки в Steam Сообщество Steam.

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Последний раз отредактировано Dan2D3D ; 25 янв в 8: Well it kinda fixed itself. I am now again able to run both. But I think what you said is related - since I used the dedicated Server interface to log into my steam account in order to set admins from my friend list and activate mods "the easy way".

So I was logged into the DS with my account when I started the actual server and let it run. Then I tried to start the game - which failed - and now the error message Game already running finally gives some sense! Показывать на странице: Дата создания: Новое обсуждение. Правила обсуждений.