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Recipe for Cooking Chicken tenderloins with Vegetables



Today we have an easy recipe, economical, nutritious and with ingredients that almost always live in our refrigerators, improvising, rummage around a bit and we find them, so we took our chicken breasts cut into thin steaks, our vegetables and we get to cook, something good for our body and rich to the palate. We started.


The first thing we do is prepare all the ingredients to use.

Easy Recipes tenderloins Chicken with Vegetables

Then we’ll take a pot virgin olive oil and heating will, in the meantime we will draw our salted chicken tenderloins and chicken breasts and once the hot oil to brown them we introduce this.

Wash our vegetables such as green beans, peel the strands, and cut into small, peel pieces and cut the potatoes into pieces, onion set off peel the carrot and chop and wash the asparagus by cutting the stems to the softer part and edible.

Once browned tenderloins, draw from the pan and reserve, in the same oil we proceed to lay the chopped green beans and carrots, sauté a little and incorporate other vegetables, such as onions and potatoes. We let it go slowly.

When the vegetables are poached turn to introduce the tenderloins chicken, add a tablet of chicken broth and a glass of white wine, a teaspoon green pepper vinegar, move well to integrate all, and finally put thin asparagus above to be finished making.

Chicken tenderloins (fine cut vertically Chicken breasts)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Green beans
thin green asparagus
Chicken bouillon cube
White wine
Green Pepper in Vinegar