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Mark_IMG_9114Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards is here to bring Joy and Harmony to the World.  He is truly delighted to serve you.  From his Daughter, to his Community, to his Band, Mark is a Lasting beacon of enthusiastic Love.  An inspring teacher of "life is great now", Mark will playfully and lovingly engage with you and those around you:  providing a safe space to be yourself, witness yourself, be with and let go of your fears, and other ways of being that no longer serve you.  A trained vocal coach and workshop leader, Mark Edwards is here as a catalyst to aide in the freeing up of your voice and your joy, bringing greater Love to you and your community.  Watch and listen to Mark Edwards in action at www.foreverlandsf.com.


MatthewPortrait-FarmLightMatthew Engelhart

MATTHEW Engelhart’s business ventures always aspire to shake up the existing paradigm. His Flax Clothing line he grew from one treadle sewing machine to a 28 million dollar a year business. This all C.O.D. company (unheard of in the garment industry) was run out of an old dairy barn in central N.Y. In the next insurrection, he and his wife Terces took on being restaurateurs. Their seven restaurant chain, Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre, are an experiment in Sacred Commerce, business as an opportunity to awaken.

Matthew and Terces also lead  monthly workshops in Sacred Commerce, Being Abundant, and Relationship. They are the creators of “The Abounding River” logbook and board game and the books Sacred Commerce and Kindred Spirit as well as stewards of Laulima Farm, a jewel of tropical permaculture in east Maui and Be Love Farm in Pleasants Valley, Ca. which produces fruits and vegatables for their restaurants.

Matthew is skillful at being able to keep his attention on all there is to be grateful for. His presence inspires us to be present to the endless beauty and bounty of life. What he shares are tools to develop a view of life through the eyes of unconditional love.

Although there is no evidence that his wealth is a result of his practice, he was willing to invest all his assets to share this abundance practice with others around the world. He is a successful business man, loving husband, father of five and most importantly a man who celebrates and loves seeing others victorious over our inherited view of separation and scarcity.


Ryland_IMG_9003Ryland Engelhart

Ryland Engelhart is a minister of Love. His ability to "BE LOVE" has created a Be Love movement that is the underlying practice of the Cafe Gratitude community. Ryland is the son of Matthew Engelhart the co-founder of Cafe Gratitude and the apple did not fall far from the tree. In fact, they stand as an abundant orchard together. Ryland has been managing in Cafe Gratitude for over 4 years, and is spearheading their expansion to Los Angeles. Ryland was also the inspiration and co-creator of a award winning transformational documentary film, May I Be Frank. Ryland just got married and has declared that "The Search Is Over."  Union is his pathway to Oneness. He is funny, open, humble, and shares passionately from his heart.



TercesCloseup-FarmTerces Engelhart

TERCES ENGELHART'S presence is the gift of being present and listening for ones most genuine Self to emerge. She grants acceptance and love to whomever she encounters as her commitment to living in and creating healthy community. Her life lessons come from recovering from twenty years of an eating disorder and being a single parent of three children. She has expressed herself in many different ways as a dental hygienist, flight attendant, Mary Kay cosmetics executive, business owner, massage therapist and eating disorder counselor.  Today she is a wife and grandmother who lives on their organic farm where they are growing food for the Cafes. She is the "great woman" behind Matthew and the inspiration of much of Cafe Gratitude's menu and  their commitment to service. Together they have authored three books and lead workshops monthly. Terces has surrendered her life to being of service to others intending to bring forth a world where we all realize how closely connected we are and what is possible when we work together for the good of everyone.


Natalie_IMG_9125Natalie George

Natalie George is passionate about people getting who they truly are and being fueled to live the life of their dreams!  Natalie is bringing Café Gratitude to Kansas City in 2011.  Her enthusiasm for the cafe began in 2007 after eating the “I AM FABULOUS” lasagna.  The affirmation repeated in her mind with each bite of lasagna.  After the last bite she realized it was the first time she could remember eating without worrying about gaining weight.  The fear of being fat had been such a part of her life that she didn’t even realize it was there until she had the new and contradicting thought – I AM FABULOUS.  Now she wants everyone to experience freedom from their negative beliefs so they can have access to their fabulousness.  With this commitment, Natalie also teaches a fitness class called intenSati.  It uses affirmations and awareness to empower participants.  She calls it “Café Gratitude in exercise form.”




Heather_Haxo_Phillips-_lettuceHeather Haxo Phillips

Heather Haxo Phillips is an accomplished raw food chef who teaches classes throughout the Bay Area at premier venues such as Whole Foods Market and Cafe Gratitude. She is a certified raw food chef/instructor and graduate of the prestigious Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. Her holistic approach to food and well-being makes Heather a popular teacher for participants at all levels. Spend time with her and you will find tools and inspiration to infuse more health and fulfillment into your life. Students say Heather’s classes are inspiring, informative, well presented — and fun!

Heather’s commitment to healthy living also extends to her practice of Iyengar yoga. She is a certified teacher in this tradition and she offers classes for all levels of students. You can find Heather in the following ways: heather (at) rawbayarea.com or 510-334-8424.  See her website & classes schedule at www.rawbayarea.com.




BrikshaBriksha Mahendra

Briksha Mahendra is a Yogi Chef and instructor, Integral Coach and Breath-work practitioner. He has learned spiritual nutrition and healthy lifestyle under the guidance of Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Dr. David Jubb. He has been working as a wellness cuisine chef for 10 years and teaching raw-vegan food preparation classes for last 5 years. He worked as head chef in Tree of Life for a year and at café gratitude for 4 years. He is a founder of Raw Food and Yoga Support Circle, called RaYs Mandala. Briksha lives in San Francisco bay area with his life partner and 2 years young son.





Jon-IMG_9071Jon Morro

Jon Marro: Artist. Philosopher. Love. Jon 's appetite for organic food and self-discovery guided him in and through the doors of Café Gratitude. He quickly realized this "Café" was more a school than restaurant and enrolled himself in it. Jon became a sprouting fixture in the community delighting in this unfamiliar world of philosophy and food. He attended every workshop for two years while becoming the Cafe's primary graphic designer and simultaneously beautifying their product line, fliers and books. Jon graduated from taking workshops to actually teaching them bringing his own colorful wisdom, exuberance and humor to these tools. You can see Jon's brightly colored art and philosophy colliding at: www.blendapparel.com



Erin_Ross_color_HeadshotErin Ross

Erin Ross is an author and workshop facilitator for both Café Gratitude and Challenge Day.  She is a coach, a counselor and a teacher.  Erin has inspired, educated and empowered thousands: from students and artists to entrepreneurs and organizational leaders – to take positive action toward living their lives fully expressed and empowered. Her compassion, insight and transparency combined with her honest enthusiasm and deep love for humanity engender spaces for growth and celebration in every environment.

Author of the upcoming book, Getting That You Matter and co-founder of Get That You Matter, Inc., Erin hopes to inspire millions to remember who they are, to get that they matter, and to be their greatest contribution to the world… and to have a lot of fun along the way!




Eden_IMG_9185Eden Rumelt

Eden Rumelt has worked with Cafe Gratitude since 2005 and has volunteered at and led sections of the Abounding River, Sacred Commerce and Kindred Spirit workshops since 2008.  She has completed the Leadership Training and Sacred Commerce Coach certification led by Mathew and Terces Engelhart and excels at fascilitating the Clearing technique taught in this work. She began co-leading workshops with her peers in 2010 and is available to travel beyond the Bay and LA areas to share these tools.  Eden also serves as a bodyworker and personal/relationship coach under the business name Compassion and Clarity Healing Services. She has a background in theater arts and somatic psychology and is a spoken-word and fire-dance artist.  It is with joy and gratitude that she continues to learn, teach, heal, and create with you.  She is honored to serve as an inspiration for us all to find our unique contributions to the greater awakening of love within ourselves, and ever outwardly expanding.  For info and appointments with Eden of Compassion and Clarity Healing Services, email Eden at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Pattie_Searle_PortraitPattie Searle

Patti Searle is the owner and executive chef of Thrivin' Edibles, a South Bay living foods company.  Patti started cooking at the age of 8 in her mother's kitchen in the Midwest, and loves making food for people. She was a chef in the cooking world for 12 years. Now a graduate of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, Patti is an enthusiastic creator and consumer of raw food for over 4 years.  Her mission is to create simply delicious living vegan food.  Learn more about Thrivin' Edibles at www.thrivinedibles.com






Batul_IMG_9032Batul Slatten

Batul Slatten has been a leader of transformation at Café Gratitude for nearly 6 years. She has been General Manager of 5 locations and has opened 3 cafes from the ground up. She has recently stepped into a new position in the company as Regional Manager and is now supporting our Northern California locations in their success.  Batul is a master of bringing the sacred into business by practicing authentic and articulate communication that is both rigorous and loving. Along with her passion for supporting Café Gratitude, Batul also leads the workshop “Intro to a New View of Love” where she shares her own inspiring story of never giving up on love yet not being attached to the outcome,  something she calls, “relentless love”. Batul is a tremendous asset to her family, to her community and to any business that is seeking to bring in Sacred Commerce.  In her spare time Batul loves dining at San Francisco restaurants, playing Scrabble, and listening to heavy metal.
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