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Healthy Breakfast Recipes


For us, the main source of energy provider in the morning is breakfast and hence it is very important not to skip breakfasts, no matter whatever the situation is. A solid Breakfast with a balanced amount of all necessary nutrients will make your day, as it can make your stay with energy and healthy for the whole day. In addition to a healthy breakfast having it as a spicy or well-flavored one can lighten your mood.

Here are a few quick to make and healthy breakfast recipes.

The first recipe is the Banana Chocolate Oats and Nuts Meal which has a mix of fresh bananas, chocolate, oats and nuts which all can be prepared instantly in no time and is very healthy with almost no fat content and very fiber-rich, adding honey will make it more delicious.

Waffles made out of whole wheat and oats grains, which when had along with fruits, yogurt, honey, chocolate syrup, and juice will be a delicious and healthy diet.

Then are the low-fat regular raspberry muffins, but this time when baked using buttermilk, egg whites, corn or wheat pastry with fruits and nuts for flavors and honey added, will make your morning very sweet, healthy, and tasty.