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Установка This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. Часто задаваемые вопросы How to use with shortcode? I tried to check.

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I use the FREE version. Hi, great plugin.

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But I noticed anytime I search for any. I am using the free version. No matter what I search, it returns not available. In any case at a choice of a domain name it is important, that the name was easy to remember, harmonious and not causing questions with variants in writing. Choosing a domain name in domain UZ zone you address your information first of all to users of our republic, and multi-language a site will involve Russian-speaking, English-speaking and other users.

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If the name that you are interested in is borrowed, do not despair and think about possible variants. To check whether domain name is free or not and pick up variants you can, using our form for registration of domain names. Domain registration passes 2 stages: At domain registration there is an addition of the information on the domain in a database of Internet domains.

After that, the next stage - delegations follows. While your domain is not delegated, you cannot see it. Delegation is very important stage of registration of the domain as after your domain will be delegated, it will be completely efficient, and you can see it on the Internet. Easier speaking, delegation is an activation of your registered domain.

Enter into the form of search domain names a name of the desirable domain and follow instructions. If the domain name is free, the form of the application for booking and purchasing of the given domain name will be automatically presented on a site. О дин домен сегодня, стоит двух доменов завтра. We work from Monday to Saturday from 9: Process of transferring domain is done imperceptibly for you and your users.

The Administrator of domain UZ: Average time of registration depends on time of payment. On the average it is hours from the moment of confirming the payment.

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The domain. The owner administrator of a domain name will be that physical or juridical person who will be specified in the contract of domain registration. Pay attention to correctness of the instruction of all data for the physical person or requisites for juridical person.

The domain database containing the information on registered domain names, refers to as the united Register of the domain.

The name you select for your project can be already taken by someone else, so you will not be able to register it. That is why it is always a good idea to check if the domain is available in the desired domain zone before registration. It can also be available in some other domain zone, as there are thousands of them.

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You and only you. Please, be careful and enter your real data accurately while registering a domain - in case of any domain-related issues it is the very first thing that the registrar will check. Try to select a name for your project that is easy to remember and easy to type. The harder the domain name is to type or hear via phone - the higher the chance that visitors will mistype it is.

Also, you can partially protect your domain from mistypes - just buy a domain name that includes most frequent mistypes. It will redirect the visitors to your main website in case they mistype the name of your domain. Register Login. Domain names Name your dream Input domain name Check availability.