Clean and Clear Daily Cleanse Package

New_Daily_Cleanse_Horiz Cafe Gratitude is offering a fulfilling feast for you to take home.  Order our cleanse at any Cafe Gratitude location.  

Each care package includes:

  • 1 large spiced kale & avocado soup
  • 1 large heirloom tomato gazpacho soup
  • 1 large almond coconut smoothie
  • 3 large green juices (kale, celery, cucumber & lemon)
  • 1 large cafe salad with our creamy tahini dressing

$69 for this whole day package (that's 10% off ordering items individually)

$9 refundable deposit included


You are supported!  

We recommend Terces' Juice Club for anyone who is taking on their health this year! Every month for the first seven days Terces leads subscribers with her Juice Club (free) through recipes, words of wisdom and trouble-shooting advice.  Check out her blog and learn more here!


Last Updated on Jan232012

Gratitude !

We love the expansive feeling we get from cultivating an attitude of Gratitude.

What are YOU Grateful for today ?

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