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MatthewTeachingDessertsClass Cafe Gratitude is a school of transformation disguised as a restaurant.  We serve only the best food on the planet in its most natural and delicious forms.  Our business practice is founded in the transformative power of love and acknowledgement.  In our goal to spread the love and spread the healing, we have open doors and open arms and would love to share what we've found works for us.  Workshops trace the philosophy behind our way of life based in transformation.  Instructors hold classes to showcase techniques and dishes.  Click here to check out our workshops, classes, lectures and events near you!


We provide workshops on relationship, abundance and creating an awakening community at the workplace. All these courses have a similar theme- Life is an inside job. Our trainings are practices in mastering who one is being (thinking, speaking, believing, acting and the attitude you have) as the source of one’s experience. We create a safe container so participants can confront the unconscious and habitual patterns that no longer serve them and cultivate new ones. With humor, passion and authenticity we champion participants to embrace love, the fundamental reality of Oneness as a state of being and courageously live in the world as a light bearer.  Our workshop leaders faciliate discussion and offer insights that have aided them in challenging times.  All workshop leaders have been through an intensive program in rethinking leadership and utilizing these tools in relationships, community and abundance. Click here to read about our workshop leaders

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Review of Kindred Spirit Workshop

Review of A New View of Love (formerly called Sacred Commerce intro)



Cafe Gratitude holds and hosts raw prep courses and classes with lead chefs from Cafe Gratitude and leading instructors and experts in raw food.  Raw foods are easy to make and our classes are a great way to meet others interested in healing organic foods.  We offer classes showing you how to prepare some of our most loved dishes and drinks and we connect with local instructors to spread the word on how simple raw cuisine can really be.  We are honored to be home to some of the most innovative, nutritionally conscious and talented chefs in the bay area.  Check out some of the instructors on our faculty page.  See a list of upcoming classes here.


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Gratitude !

We love the expansive feeling we get from cultivating an attitude of Gratitude.

What are YOU Grateful for today ?

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