Cafe Gratitude Closure Updates



Check here for the latest updates on our Cafe Closures:

Cupertino - closed for business as of 12/31/11

Oakland - closed for business as of 2/28/12

Healdsburg - closed for business as of 3/30/12

SF Mission- closed for business as of 5/25/2012

San Rafael - Closing on 9/12/2012


Berkeley - remaining open permanently

Santa Cruz- remaining open permanently

Gracias Madre - remaining open permanently

Larchmont - remaining open permanently

Kansas City - remaining open permanently

Venice Beach - remaining open permanently


Thank you for continuing to support us through this time of transition. We are happy and relieved that some Cafe Gratitude locations will remain open in Northern California, and saddened by the loss of community space in other areas that we have had the pleasure of serving these past 8 years.  We trust that everything is perfect, and continue to stand in awe and gratitude of the power of our community.

Last Updated on Aug202012

Gratitude !

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