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Looking to taste a delicious Asian food ?


It is essential for every human being to lead a healthy life and it is quite evident that one can be healthy only if they have a sound mind and a healthy body. This is possible only if they cook and consume food which is rich in protein, vitamin and minerals. We can have delicious food items at restaurants too but its hygiene is in question. Home cooked items are hygienic and are tailor made soothing our taste buds and are also economical comparatively. We can prepare a combination of food items which are good for health, tastes good and delicious to eat.

Most of the Asian foods are easy to cook at home and also are very health and tasty too. They are very cheap and consists of low carbs and high amount of nutrients. At the same time some of the foods are soup varieties and this makes them easily digestible and containing the essence of the vegetables. Below is the recipe for delicious South East Asian food Sup Sayur Asam. With sup sayur asam recipe  you will be able to cook one of the delicious foods of Indonesia.

Almost all South East Asian countries have their own version of tamarind-based soup, slightly spicy with loads of soft vegetables. This vegetable tamarind soup is the traditional and favourite receipe of Indonesia. This soup is made with lots of different vegetables like melinjo, chayote, long beans, corn, cabbage, tomatoes. Grind up some paste, boil the water, add the paste and cook the soup over simmering heat. Drop all the vegetables in the pot with tamarind base. Serve this with steamed rice and sambal belacan.


July 2020