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Creativity in the Kitchen: Jars


The jars are very fashionable lately. I remember a few days ago was in the office of a friend and I saw out of nowhere took his iced coffee from a glass jar. I thought it was something smart and modern but dated at a time. As I recall, used alone jars used for jams and pickles … over there by the time of my great-grandmother.

But if we advance to 2020, we will see more and more people are looking for ways to reuse jars. The jars have a rubber seal between the cap and the body, forming a seal. These seals are reusable but preferably use once. So I wonder, what are we supposed to do with the bottle when we can no longer use the lid? I like to use for various things, mainly to save sauces as it is a perfect place to keep them refrigerated. In addition, they are easy to give away.

Here I leave a list of other things you can do with jars:

Cakes: many are cooking their cakes in jars as they are perfect to maintain the temperature. To be transparent, you can see the delight is inside.
Porta lights: jar filled with strings of lights to give a special touch to your next meeting.
Spice: paste magnets to the bottom of small jars and adhiérelos to a metal surface.
Vase: Place the paint color you like in a jug and then give it back. When completely dry, fill with water and place flowers on your new glass vase.
Glasses for cocktails: For your next party, prepare your cocktails or drinks as this freshwater and serve in jars with lids. Then place them in a bucket of ice, so each guest is served at ease.
Decorative containers: Place ingredients like chilies, beans, or rice in glass jars and place them wherever you like in the kitchen to decorate.