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How real deliciousness of Chicken is obtained by Professional Cooks



Food is the most essential of all things for our survival. When all other living things hunt and eat for their survival, a man with the help of his sixth sense learned to identify the taste. Hence, the taste of flesh is addictive and so humans started trying out varieties of them such as beef, pork, chicken, mutton, etc.

Chicken is the favorite food for people of all ages among all the meat dishes. If a person is a non-vegetarian there is no chance that he does not like chicken. There are many dishes that are been prepared with chicken that people love to it and we are wondering how the real deliciousness of Chicken is obtained by Professional Cooks.

Knowing to taste a variety of dishes is what many people can do, but knowing in which varieties and when how it is cooked the real deliciousness of it can be obtained and tasted is possible only by an expert and professional cooks.


Finding Foods Good for Gout

I am pretty sad to say that I have developed a pretty bad case of gout. It is pretty unfortunate, because it hurts more than anything I have ever been through before, and it makes so many simple tasks extremely difficult. It is no way to live, and I think that I am going to try to change my diet to get rid of the problem. I want to know is milk, yogurt, and cheese good or bad for gout? I have heard some conflicting information on the subject.

I was talking with one of my friends about it, and he said that it was probably bad for gout, because dairy products have been known to increase inflammation. However, I guess while that might be generally true, it is not the case for gout. That is because it increases the excretion of uric acid, which is the culprit behind gout. I am excited to learn this because I really like dairy products, and it should not be that difficult for me to increase my consumption of them in order to help with the battle against gout.

But that is not the only change I want to make. I also want to identify foods that help to contribute to gout and eliminate them from my diet. I really do not know which foods cause gout. However, I really hope that it won’t be any food that I really like. Though, considering I have gout, I would guess that there is something I eat fairly frequently which is bad for you and is known to cause gout. I am going to figure out what it is though because I do not want to have this gout problem get even worse on me. I am fearful of the debilitation that it can cause people.

Practical Cooking Tips and Taste tricks


Discover the best-kept secrets of our chefs to help you make a difference when it comes to cooking.

Taste tricks

Surprise here with practical tips we have for you when cooking.

Latest tips

A butter flavor always different

To vary arepas every day we can make a flavored butter. Making them is easy, mix the butter with the flavors squishy one wants, garlic and chopped parsley, spices, or scratches. A different way to eat arepas and flavors

Do not throw those tomatoes!

When we have tomatoes that are already very mature, we can freeze them and use them for stews and sweaty, give much more moisture and sweet touch.

Vinaigrette perfect!

When dressing a salad with a vinaigrette, it is important to dissolve the salt and vinegar or lemon juice. And calculate one part vinegar or lemon juice to three parts oil. So we will be smoother and better tasting.

Arepas always in his crisp point
So that we remain well arepas paisas crispy is ideal not add butter, until the end of cooking, and grilling at the very short fire. It is ideal to accompany any breakfast.

Your beans more digestible
So that we do not fall heavy beans it is ideal to soak them in water for 8 hours.

Your dough will be delicious!
When you cook pasta, you can use the water in which you cook to thicken the sauce with a little to go to accompany.

Serve your ice cream and pretty easy
To serve ice cream more easily, can help to have a bowl of hot water, this will help to unpack as you are not sticking to the spoon.

Super ice creams
When ice cream at home prepares a way for smooth texture, is mixed with a fork or whisk while it freezes and will break the glass of water and be more creamy.

Your sauces will be very soft!
For onion sauces smoother fit you, you can strain them and remove the pieces of onion. This way you will be the flavor but much softer.

Fries with little oil
For chips, crispy cut them more fit you, not over the pope but in the other direction, you will see that magically absorb less oil.


Make those Fast foods at Home


Homemade recipes fast food, hamburgers, pizzas, sandwiches, chips … the development is entertaining because the ideal is to make the pizza dough, bread hamburger, hamburger … until sauces. Worth enjoy these informal meals made with the best products, they are more tasty and healthy.

We know very well what the concept of fast food, mainly to restaurants or other establishments mentioned in preparing and serving a meal quickly, being itself a food consumed comfortably but without using cutlery. The so-called Fast Food exists in all cultures, but not always related to known restaurant chains and nutritional deficiency.

Burgers, fries, and other fried foods, pizzas … fall into the fast-food when in fact it is not whether each component produced is done by hand, which is what we like to promote from the masses of pizza to bread hamburger, through the chicken nuggets. That is why we have put together what could be defined as twelve fast food homemade recipes in the Sunday compilation.

If we make a homemade burger with natural ingredients do not have to be as bad and be so full of fat as the specialized institutions, to the development of tomato sauce, ketchup or mustard may be in our hands. And speaking of pizza, what’s wrong with a mass like bread, slices of ham, eggplant dice, and some cheese, for instance.

Enjoy homemade fast food occasionally helps completely forget the fast food in the restaurant chains, who like, or at least learn to savor a hamburger, because many components you have, they are recognizable. And on top you can be configured to taste, what is your favorite burger?


Cauliflower Recipes: How Tasty It Is to Save


Cauliflower Stew for Breakfast

10 Ingredients

2 Tablespoons olive oil
3/4 Pound cauliflower
1 chopped onion
1/4 Teaspoon smoked paprika
1/4 Teaspoon salt
1/8 Teaspoon black pepper
3 Tablespoons water
1 Large garlic clove, chopped
2 Teaspoons lemon juice
2 Teaspoon fresh parsley, chopped

Prepare a substantial “Cauliflower Stew” and accompany it with a fried egg. It is the perfect combination to start the morning with energy.

Add a fried egg if you wish.

In a large skillet with oil over medium-high heat, place the cauliflower and onion in a uniform layer. Let it cook without stirring until golden brown.
Mix the ingredients and add paprika, salt, black pepper, and water. Cover the pan and cook until the cauliflower is tender, but not soft, and has acquired a golden color. About 3 to 5 minutes.

Reduce heat, and add the garlic. Cook for 2 minutes more stirring constantly.

Add the lemon juice and mix well until it evaporates. Serve the cauliflower stew and sprinkle parsley.