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Steamed Vegetables with Chili Butter and Lemon

Kids of all ages will love vegetables if they’re topped with citrus-flavored spicy butter


  • one tablespoon butter or margarine
  • one small garlic clove, finely minced
  • one teaspoon grated lemon peel
  • one teaspoon serrano pepper or jalapeno pepper, chopped
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • one tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 3 cups chopped fresh vegetables, such as broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, and/or sliced ​​carrots


1. In a 1-quart saucepan, melt butter over low heat. Add the garlic; cook and stir approximately 20 seconds. Add the lemon peel, the chili, the salt, and the lemon juice; mix well. Set aside.

2. In a 4-quart saucepan, place the special basket or basket for steaming. Add 1 cup of water; heat to boiling. Put the chopped vegetables in the basket; cover and cook 4 to 5 minutes or until smooth and firm.

3. To serve, place the vegetables in a bowl. Add the butter mixture; stir gently to cover.

How to prepare Vegetarian Ceviche

Last week I made this delicious vegetarian ceviche based on cauliflower, avocado, and lime. It is a dish full of flavor and also a delicious alternative for people who do not eat fish or seafood. Its flavor has nothing to envy to the traditional ceviche. At home, although we are not vegetarians, we like to have meat-free days. To prepare this ceviche I used a very versatile ingredient that also pays a lot in different types of food: cauliflower. I hope you like this vegetarian version of the ceviche and get ready to prepare it at home soon.


  • one fresh and ripe Hass avocado, halved, pitted, peeled and diced
  • one cup cauliflower, diced
  • two diced tomatoes
  • 1/3 cup red onion, thinly sliced
  • one tablespoon jalapeño, chopped
  • one minced garlic clove
  • one tablespoon fresh coriander, chopped
  • one tablespoon of lime juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • one tablespoon olive oil


1. In a large bowl, combine avocado, cauliflower, tomato, onion, jalapeno, garlic, coriander, lime juice, salt, and olive oil.

2.Transfer to a serving bowl. Serve with home fries.

3.Suggestion: Serve as an aperitif or accompaniment.

How to Make Baked Chicken Step by Step

Making baked chicken at home is so easy and it comes out so rich that there is no point in buying it done. You just have to follow some very simple steps, starting with buying a good chicken, preferably organic, to ensure the best flavor. I like to put it in brine, which is a combination of well-seasoned water so that the meat is imbued with all those flavors. This step can be skipped if you are short on time, but I assure you that it makes a difference in the final quality of the chicken. Having a baked chicken at home gives you the option to use leftovers in a number of creative and easy ways, making it super convenient and a great way to vary the menu for the week. You can use the shredded meat to make a chicken salad combined with lettuce and other vegetables. Or with chopped apples, grapes, pecans, and raisins, for sweeter, Christmassy flavors. If there are flour tortillas in the refrigerator, they should be used to make quesadillas with cheese and chicken. Add a little chopped chili, a few sprigs of cooked and chopped broccoli, and you will have another super easy dish. As you can see, baked chicken is not only delicious but also super practical and versatile.


  • one whole chicken
  • 1/2 cup of salt
  • one teaspoon of pepper
  • 1/2 Sugar cup
  • one lemon
  • two tablespoons of honey
  • one tablespoon mustard
  • two tablespoons soy sauce
  • one tablespoon olive oil
  • one fresh thyme sprig
  • 4 garlic cloves, whole


1. Wash the chicken and dry it very well. Remove the interiors.

2. In a large container, dissolve 1/2 cup of salt, 1 teaspoon of pepper, and 1/2 cup of sugar in 2 or 3 liters of water. Dip the chicken in this liquid, cover it, and refrigerate two hours.

3. Drain the liquid and dry the chicken. Place it in a baking dish or container lined with aluminum foil, so that it is easy to clean afterward.

4. Preheat oven to 375ºF.

5. Using a kitchen wire, tie the chicken legs so that they do not lose shape.

6. Spread all the skin of the chicken with a mixture of lemon juice, honey, mustard, soy sauce, and olive oil. In the abdominal cavity of the chicken, you can put the squeezed lemon and a few sprigs of thyme, oregano, or any other fresh herb you have. Spread the whole garlic around the chicken.

7. When the oven is hot, put the chicken inside and bake for 1 hour, spraying every 15 minutes with the cooking juice.

8. Remove it from the oven and make a cut in the thigh part to see if the liquid that comes out is transparent. If so, the chicken is ready, otherwise continue baking for an additional 20 minutes.

9. When you take it out of the oven you have to let it rest for about 15 minutes so that the meat remains juicy.

10. And now yes, cut it and serve it with the cooking juice.

11. As a garnish, you can serve a salad of lettuce and radishes. Also roast cauliflower 20 minutes in the oven, with garlic and olive oil.


Diet Products made out of Mango



Man has been evolved from nature and hence is a part of nature. And again, it is the nature that has been supporting man’s survival on this earth for the past millions of years through its plants and animals. Without plants and animals, men may not get good food and without plants, it would be impossible to get the oxygen, which is needed, for survival.

Plants have been of great use to men and have been the main resource for good air, provide food through fruits and vegetables causes rainfall by converting seawater to clouds, save soil from erosion, and above all as trees provide shelter and are the main source for the furniture we use. Hence, men are highly indebted to plants and trees.

Fruits are almost as the offsprings produced by plants and carry the seeds for its further survival. Most of the fruits on earth are edible and are very sweet and tasty. Especially mango can be called as the king of all fruits because of its taste and the nutrition it provides. In particular, the African mango is known to be the best variety among all the varieties of mangoes.

Various food products made from African mango, which are very useful and add value to our health, can be bought from and could be mainly used as a natural diet supplement as it helps to burn fat faster thus reducing the waist size and lose weight, increases metabolism, suppresses hunger and keeps us energetic.

Simple and Easy to follow Cooking Tips

  • Have a (good) skillet just for omelettes

Unless you like or directly sticking never prepare omelets, this is my advice: a good one pan and exclusively for the omelette. I dare say that not even friegues, and simply wipe with some paper towels. Holy hand.

  • ALINA your salads in order

Avocado Caprese salad Dap

For the dressing, the order of the factors does alter the product

First salt, vinegar, and then finally the oil. If we start by oil, this will create a film around the lettuce and prevent salt and vinegar do its function.

  • When making pasta, waiting to take the salt until the water starts to boil

Saltwater has a higher boiling point and a higher specific heat, so take longer and spend more energy to heat that if we add when it comes to a boil.

  • Save chicken and fish in ice buckets

These small doses are perfect to give a blow flavor to all kinds of sauces and creams without having to prepare a broth on purpose.

  • In making broth, make more

Broth do more then you can give rice like this in a jiffy. So you can save it for future use, as mentioned in the previous step, or to make delicious dishes as fideua, baked rice, … and a lot more rice.


Tips to be a better Cook


Whenever my father comes home for lunch, tells me to learn something new in the kitchen, some little trick or seemingly silly advice, but it helps you a lot at home then. The funny thing is that I think of the same thing when I go to yours and gossiping while cooking, so I’ve tried to gather all the mini wisdom in these tips to be a better cook (if possible).

Some of you will look foolish advice and others will be obvious, but I’m sure you will find a few that seem developers, and with that I am satisfied. Moreover, as I am not omniscient, I am convinced that you have many more to contribute in the comments. Ah! And they are not in order of importance, but as I have been coming to mind.

1. Sharpen your knives

Because there is nothing more hateful (and dangerous) to try to cut with knives without sharpening. So a good sharpener or, better yet, make that a professional sharpening from time to time. You’ll see how wonderful.

2. Always use extra virgin olive oil

Because of the price difference, you get the oil of much higher quality, better resists temperatures and over time, it is healthier and, go, is much more good and tasty. And if new harvest long story.

3. Purchase quality salt

Skimp on the salt does not make sense. Even the most expensive of the salts have a negligible impact on the cost of a meal and walk that does not change a salad, toast, or a piece of meat with a salt flake quality.

4. Freeze the bread and sliced

And so you can thaw just the right amount you want and directly into the toaster. There ‘s nothing like a good toast bread in the morning without having to go down to buy bread or having to thaw a whole loaf.

5. Clear your kitchen bench

Unintentionally, things tend to accumulate on the counter. Pots, toasters, microwaves, coffee machines, grinders, blenders … we have so many things in the kitchen just having to peel and cut potatoes into a corner. Clear your kitchen, keep everything not use daily, and will work much more comfortable.


Family Flavors: Essential Ingredients in the Latin Kitchen

When the worst part of winter has passed but spring has not just arrived, everything becomes a little easier and is the perfect time to simplify and organize. A good starting point is in the pantry or kitchen cabinets, where things accumulate so fast that it never reaches the time to use all the things we have; Or worse, we buy new ingredients, and there they remain untouched. Cleaning and getting rid of things means you have to start with the basics. These are some of the basic and most versatile products of Latin cuisine and some tips to keep them:


Although not all Latin American recipes are spicy, the truth is that we almost always use many spices. We do not make much differentiation between sweet spices and salads, so that oregano, cumin, and bay leaf can be combined with jamaica pepper, cinnamon, or clove. For a well-made mole, we could use all the spices within our reach. Since we never know what we are going to need, what we can do is buy the spices that are not grounded so that they last longer, and grind them as we need them.

Dry wine

Most professionals say that we should not cook with a wine that we would not take. You’re probably right, but it’s always good to have a cheap cooking wine on hand, just in case. We all grew up in houses where there was always some kind of dry wine bottle, whether red, white, or gold, as they were used for many recipes that still remind us of home.


Spanish olive oil is always present in sofrito but it is also a good idea to have some vegetable oil of canola or sunflower, to fry and brown the meals. Stir achiote in oil to give a touch of color and flavor to stews or rice.

Dry beans

Whether chickpeas or pigeon peas, black or red, dry beans are the heart of Latin cuisine so we always have them in the pantry. But remember that over time they get harder and take longer to cook. It is not worth spending money on large quantities of beans if you are not going to cook them for a long time as they will take too long to soften. To last longer, store the beans in tightly sealed plastic containers, and do not forget to note the expiration date.

Dried chilies

Whether the chiles pasillas, trees, or wide, the complexity that contributes chiles to any recipe is unparalleled. Most recipes only require the use of 1 or 2 chilies at a time, so be sure to buy chilies that have a strong, even color, and do not have mold. Dried chilies can be stored in covered containers in a cool, dry place.

Never miss these ingredients in the kitchen to make the best Latino dishes!

A Bloody Mary Drink That is Delicious

There are some people who fight a hangover with the very thing that gave them one in the first place. While they may not use the same type of drink or quite the same amount, there are a lot of people that I know who will do a Bloody Mary mix and drink it when they are feeling the pains the morning after a hard night of partying. While I have never done this, I have seen others do it and swear that it makes them feel much better. I guess it is one of those things about fighting fire with fire!

Anyway, there is one particular kind of Bloody Mary mix that they like to use. It is made with something called Clamato rather than tomatoes. If you look at the word long enough, what it actually is might jump out at you! It is a mix of clam juice and tomato juice. I know that sounds like a weird combination, but don’t knock it until you have tried it. I may not drink this for a hangover, but I knew that I was going to be a fan the moment I tasted it.

This mix is added to vodka and the Clamato juice, and the end result is heaven on earth. It really is that tasty! When my friends and I would drink a Bloody Mary before, it was usually over a shared lunch somewhere. They did not happen that often, perhaps twice a month. With this mix that we now use, it is something that we all drink a lot more often. I still limit myself to how much I will drink, but it is too good to only have twice a month. It is also very easy to mix, and it does make the perfect gift too!

Four Cooking Mistakes You Must Avoid


Cooking is a process that can be helpful in making the mood of others and yourself. Many take this not just a process of making food items but as their hobby that can make them feel relaxed during their free time. There are certain mistakes in cooking that you need to avoid so that you can make the food items that you prepare much healthy and delicious.

The first mistake that you do while preparing food is to be careful in reading the recipe. When you are preparing food items that is pretty new to you, you need to read the recipe of it thoroughly so that you can cook it in a better way. Reading and understanding the recipe can help you in getting hold of all the ingredients needed for the particular item.

The next mistake that you do is to forget washing the vegetables. The vegetables that you buy from the store may be dirty and may also contain any amounts of chemicals in it. You need to wash the vegetables in saltwater and then in normal water before cooking it. This can void you and your family to get rid of most of the diseases.

Using a cold pan for cooking is another mistake that is often done during cooking.

Stirring too much is another mistake that you do through which the food can get spoiled as different food items require different levels of stirring.

The Health Benefits of Cheese at Your Mexican Grill

Cheese is a food item that is much delicious and it can make you feel much delightful. The Mexican grill at your locality can be visited to find the employees grating piles of cotija cheese that is much nutritious, delicious, and fresh. The employees grate the cheese for making it much delicious that anyone can feel it really a great taste. Cotija cheese is a kind of cheese that is the greatest kind among the types of cheese available.

The cotija cheese is considered as superior among other types available in the market due to various reasons. This is the kind of cheese that is salty and crumbly in nature. It is made out of much tasty cow milk. This cheese is popular due to its unique texture and tangy zip. This cheese also has the name mountain cheese because the makers of this cheese dwell over the mountains.

The color and the flavor that this cheese gets are due to the pure milk that is taken from the cows that graze the fresh grass on the mountain. This is the cheese that is strongly flavored and is much good for grating and is included in almost all the dishes of the Mexican grill.