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Best Home made Fast Food recipes


We leave you with some homemade recipes of what can be considered fast food, or perhaps better called casual meal.

Chicken Nuggets: It is undeniable that the chicken nuggets are delicious, the flavor of this white meat like everyone, and improves with crispy batter. The preparation is easy and memorable tasting.

Pumps potato with fried egg sauce: This is a traditional cap in our culture, we give some personal touch that will surely taste.

Falafel: The fast-food of the Middle East, made ​​with chickpeas and spices, accompanied by refreshing raita.

Secret pork sandwich on bread: A snack scrumptious, the secret pork is cut very juicy and tasty meat this time is served with a thin and crispy flatbread.

Steak sandwich with grilled figs and cheddar: Snacks allow us to make multiple combinations, many of the recipes served in a dish can be served between bread.

Piadina ham and brie: The piadina is also a flatbread, it is originally from the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, this bread can make all kinds of snacks. The bread is very easy to do, do not fail to try.

Burger with sweet chili sauce: If there are dishes that can be converted into a snack, obviously there are snacks that can be served on the plate, this burger is one such example and how easy it is to do original and delicious homemade burgers.

Mini chicken burger with bacon and onion: With chicken breast, chili, lime, ginger, coconut milk … you can develop a hamburger sure you will repeat.

Patatas bravas – The top par excellence, who has not enjoyed a ‘brave’ on the appetizer, here’s the recipe for the salsa which they claim is true of the most emblematic places in Madrid.

Vegetable pizza: One option for making a vegetable pizza with green peppers, eggplant, onion, and tomato.

Funghi Pizza: Pizza with mushrooms is a favorite among the core, with four kinds of cheese, four seasons, bolognese … the truth is that more and more popular pizzas.

Pizza ham and eggplant: Onion brings something special to pizzas, along with flavor and sweetness, juiciness. Contrasts with the ham and enriched with various cheeses.