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Healthy and Simple Diabetic Recipes

Even if we have accumulated so much wealth, without good health, we won’t be able to enjoy any of the worldly pleasures with that such is the importance of good health. There are certain diseases that once acquired may not leave us and will stick to us in death and the only possible thing is we can keep it under control within tolerable levels so that it won’t affect our survival and our normal healthfully.

One of such diseases are the diabetics, once you become a diabetic patient, the first restriction would be on food, especially sweets and this will make the person not to enjoy most of the food varieties. For such diabetic people, here are some health and simple diabetic recipes that will make them taste and cherish delicious food varieties in spite of being diabetic.

The black beans rice recipe is a suggested food recipe by American Diabetes Association, this is a tasty recipe for people following the rice diet, and for bread eaters, gingerbread sandwiches and oatmeal sandwich bread recipe would do.

Simple snack recipes for diabetic people are fresh tomato sandwiches, cinnamon fresh apple bars, fruit salad with spicy chips, crunchy and roasted chickpeas, and as such.


Berry Carrots Salad




5 Ingredients
2 Packs (4 oz) Yoplait yogurt (Berry or Strawberry)
3 Tablespoons of dulce de leche
16 Strawberries (with stems and green leaves)
1 Very Berry Cheerios cup (crushed)
Glazed Betty Crocker orange color to decorate

In a blender, blend the yogurt and dulce de leche together. Reserve in the fridge.

Place 1 cup of Very Berry Cheerios in a sealed plastic bag and carefully crush the Cheerios with a spoon or roller. Place on the plate or cup in equal portions.

Cover the strawberries in the yogurt sauce and place them on a bowl of waxed paper.

Decorate with Betty Crocker orange icing to make each strawberry look like a carrot.

Place each decorated strawberry in a serving dish or individual cups containing crushed Berry Cheerios.

Recipe for Cooking Chicken tenderloins with Vegetables



Today we have an easy recipe, economical, nutritious and with ingredients that almost always live in our refrigerators, improvising, rummage around a bit and we find them, so we took our chicken breasts cut into thin steaks, our vegetables and we get to cook, something good for our body and rich to the palate. We started.


The first thing we do is prepare all the ingredients to use.

Easy Recipes tenderloins Chicken with Vegetables

Then we’ll take a pot virgin olive oil and heating will, in the meantime we will draw our salted chicken tenderloins and chicken breasts and once the hot oil to brown them we introduce this.

Wash our vegetables such as green beans, peel the strands, and cut into small, peel pieces and cut the potatoes into pieces, onion set off peel the carrot and chop and wash the asparagus by cutting the stems to the softer part and edible.

Once browned tenderloins, draw from the pan and reserve, in the same oil we proceed to lay the chopped green beans and carrots, sauté a little and incorporate other vegetables, such as onions and potatoes. We let it go slowly.

When the vegetables are poached turn to introduce the tenderloins chicken, add a tablet of chicken broth and a glass of white wine, a teaspoon green pepper vinegar, move well to integrate all, and finally put thin asparagus above to be finished making.

Chicken tenderloins (fine cut vertically Chicken breasts)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Green beans
thin green asparagus
Chicken bouillon cube
White wine
Green Pepper in Vinegar


Argentine Food that You Have Never Tried Before


Argentina is known for

1. Meat

2. Tango

3. Messi (for soccer fans).

The famous and juicy meat is due to the cows that live happily among the Argentinean fields. In any case, when it comes to Argentine food the roast is one of many dishes of this country. To celebrate independence this July 9, we honor Argentina with some classic delicacies. We start with the provolone on the grill, followed by some chicken breasts, and then fancy your palate with spongy pancakes of dulce de leche. We guarantee you will never see Argentine food in the same way.

In my native country, Argentina, there is a great gastronomic variety, and as in most of the countries we also have different typical regional dishes. Today I share the recipe for a delicious sandwich, typical of the city of Rosario, province of Santa Fe, where I was born and raised. If one day you have the opportunity to visit it, there are some things that you can not miss: discover the monument to the flag, the coast and eat the traditional “Carlitos” in the typical Rosario bars. Carlito you can only find them in Rosario, and basically, they are sandwiches of crumb bread (of traditional Argentine baking, but we can recreate with common sandwich bread) toasted ham and cheese, delicious for dinner or just give yourself a taste pedestrian or riverbank. Today I share the recipe,

Sandwich Tostado Carlitos Recipe

5 Ingredients

1 sandwich bread package
1 lb of pork ham
1 lb of cheese cut to the sandwich (I recommend using mozzarella or a good cheese of your taste)
Ketchup, to taste
1 butter spoon.

1 Place butter on both sides of the pan.
2 In a slice of bread put a slice of cheese. On the cheese, add ketchup and add a slice of ham and another cheese.
3 Finish the sandwich with another loaf of bread, previously greased on both sides with butter. Repeat for the rest of the sandwiches.
4 Place on a rack in the oven, and toast both sides, about 10 minutes.
5 Cut into triangles and consume hot.