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Tips to reduce the fishy smell while cooking Fish Foods


Since the earth contains one-third of land and two-third of it with water, there are more seafood available and a variety of it to taste when compared to foods from vegetation and plants. Maybe that is why there are more people who live upon a non-vegetarian diet than a vegan or vegetarian diet. When it comes to kinds of seafood there are so many varieties of it however the major ones are the fish varieties. And hence whenever people go for hotels and restaurants they can see a lot of fish foods. Another thing predominantly common with all fish food dishes and it is the smell of the fishes or fishy odors in the foods which at times makes it difficult to eat.

In America, most of the fish-eating happens in restaurants. Only a few of us enjoy the odor of salmon that remains even after preparing meals. When you search on the web you can be littered with many tips to deal with the fishy smell after cooking. You can rub the fish with vinegar or lemon juice or soak it in milk while keeping in the fridge or rinse well with water before cooking. There are also some better ways. You can have the freshest fish. The trimethylamine oxide in fish begins to break down when it is killed and exposed to atmospheric air. Fresher the fish, the lesser the stench. There are few ways on how to reduce the fishy smell while cooking fish foods and here are some tips to overcome the fishy smell in cooking and serving fish foods.

1. Poached: Cooking fish in water remains tender and soft and the smell remains entirely taken by the bath.
2. Baked Parchment: Sealing fillets keeps fish moist and the smell will remain under wraps.
3. Fishy smells in the kitchen can be completely removed by getting out of the kitchen.


Does Cheese Make Your Teeth White?

Every one of us wants to look good and look appealing to other eyes and in that way, we can earn respect and make friends with people easily. For that we need to look charming and wearing that good smile on our face will do.

To have a good smile, we need to have white teeth, as people feel, teeth looking white is healthy, and this is popular opinion and not sure whether is right or wrong. So, how can one make their teeth look white, just brushing them regularly is not enough because even after that for many people their teeth still look yellowish or dull white.

Now, here is a suggestion that can make your teeth white and that is by eating cheese, as eating cheese stimulates the secretion of saliva in your mouth and increases saliva secretion whereby the pH content gets neutralized by the saliva and this reduces the abrasion caused by other food products that contain acidic content and are harmful to layers of teeth. Also, excess saliva with cheese cleanses your teeth better and thus makes it look whiter. Hence, next, if you take in more fluids then eat cheese after them so that your teeth will look bright and white and can give you a best charming smile.

Roasted Chicken with Melon Sauce

10 Ingredients
1/4 Cup of orange juice, freshly squeezed
1/4 Cup of lime juice, freshly squeezed
1 Garlic clove, chopped
1/2 Spoonful of cumin powder
1 Lb of chicken breasts, boneless and skinned
2 Cups melon, cut into small pieces
2 Large serrano peppers finely chopped
1/2 Cup white onion, finely chopped
Salt And pepper, to taste
Pepper to taste

In a small bowl, combine the orange juice, lime juice, garlic, and cumin. Mix well. Place chicken breasts and citrus mixture in a resealable pouch. Refrigerate for 2 hours.
For the sauce, in a large bowl, combine the melon, the chili pepper, and the onion. Pepper to taste. Reservation.
Spray a grill with non-stick spray. Heat the grill over medium heat. Remove the breasts from the plastic bag and discard the marinade. Cook the breasts on the grill for 7-10 minutes on each side until the chicken is not pink.
Serve with the melon sauce. Enjoy.

Now that class time has begun, afternoons are a bit busier. The activities that children do are many: from sports to homework and bedtime, so it is very important to organize. Dinner should be quick, easy, and full of flavor. That’s why today I bring you a delicious and easy idea with chicken. This time, I added an unexpected ingredient to the sauce: the melon. With the sweetness of the melon and the spicy chili pepper, this food will delight your whole family. For a less spicy version, use peppers instead of chili pepper. Everyone will love it!

Having African Mango as part of your Balanced Diet regime for reducing fat and fatigue


On a cloudy day, all my friends first planned to go to the playground. Then we had a thought that if it would rain, then we cannot complete our game. Therefore, everybody decided to go to a shopping mall, which was on the highway. We chose to enter a new shopping mall that was opened a day before. To our surprise, we saw many new varieties of fruits and vegetables, which we have not seen before.

Every one of us was curious to know about each of the fruits and its benefits. Numerous fruits were imported all around the world. Countries like India, Australia, Spain, and Kenya had the maximum fruits that were exported to our country. Breeds of lemon, pineapple, papaya, and banana were highly attractive. Mainly African mangoes that have been imported from Cameroon and other African countries received a warm welcome by the people of the state. There was a representative in the shopping mall who explained to us the various benefits and importance of eating fruits.

When he started explaining about the African mangoes, I was eagerly hearing to him. It was great to hear that African mangoes help to reduce the excess fat around the belly, reduces the mental fatigue, improves the immunity power, reduces the weight, controls diabetes and cholesterol. It was the first time I was hearing about a fruit that has so many benefits and importance. In addition, the representative informed about the supplements made out of the African mango that is placed on the web.